Java Programmer

Java Programmer - Greymatter
Date: 28.04.2017

Java Programmer


Design and development of software modules for satellite databases: products “ground segment“.
JAVA / J2EE Program Development: Analyzes and meets the project manager’s specifications settled with the client; develops applications to meet customer needs and requirements.
Writing documents (detailed and technical specifications).
Unit testing and error tracking / technical support.
Object oriented methods, modelling/ implementing.
Back-end software.

Qualification and job specific requirements:

Education: Technical Bachelor’s Degree.
Seniority: N/A.
Other conditions: Good knowledge of English (spoken and written) with excellent communication abilities.

Other requests:

Available to work abroad (training 1 or 2 months, In France/Cannes), but not mandatory.

Technical knowledge:

Methods: UML.
Frameworks: ECLIPSE RCP, ANGULAR-JS, SPRING (Boot, Security, Data, Reactor), Hibernate/JPA.
Architecture: Java EE, REST Web Services, OSGI.
Server: TOMCAT.
Tools: JENKINS (Continuous Integration and continuous deployment), JIRA, VAGRANT, GIT.
Agile: SCRUM.
Databases: PostgreSQL, LDAP.


Professional behavior.
Ability to relate with others and to adapt to different working environments, teamwork, communication skills.
Organizational skills and efficient management of time.
Responsibility, readiness and risk-taking capacity.
Capacity to anticipate and adapt to change.
Strategic and logical thinking, analytical and conceptual.
Analysis and synthesis skills and risk assessment skills, ability of fast assimilation of new information/knowledge.

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