What we do

We help businesses meet their recruitment needs without needing to expand or burden their existing HR department. We connect jobseekers with otherwise hard-to-reach jobs, including many that are never advertised on the open Internet.

Who we are

Greymatter is a recruitment services provider, specialized in information technology and related fields. We are based in Bucharest, Romania, in constant contact with one of the most dynamic and competitive IT services markets in Europe, known for its large pool of talented professionals.

Although we're a young company, we bring to the table years of experience in customer service, sourcing and many other aspects of the recruitment process. Throughout the years, we've worked with clients large and small, ranging from multinational corporations to start-ups, both in the EU and the US, sourcing candidates from across the world.

Past and future

What drove us to the human services field was an enduring passion for helping people reach their maximum potential through training and education. Helping the right people find the right job came as a natural extension of those interests, while becoming entrepreneurs ourselves made us see the need for reliable professionals from an employer's perspective.

We see our future as one of constant but sustainable growth, branching into all aspects of human resources work, while doing what we love best – offering win-win solutions. Whether you're looking for a job or offering one, we're glad to meet you and hope you'll join us for the ride.


"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work."